Lime Glassware is a specialist provider of unbreakable glassware. We offer an elegant collection that combines the look of glass with the strength of shatterproof materials.


Our unbreakable glass collection is available in up to four different materials. The designs range from tumblers to champagne glasses and are designed with quality, safety and longevity in mind.


The unbreakable nature of our collection means it is perfect for hotels, poolside areas, sports venues, outdoor events as well as pubs and bars where traditional glass is not safe to use.


The environmental damage caused by plastics to the world’s oceans and marine life is well documented. Many countries are taking steps to reduce plastic waste by discouraging or even banning single-use plastics. Our glasses have the safety credentials of a disposable plastic glass but can be reused many times over making them an environmentally viable choice.


We are a reliable and experienced U.K. company with over 25 years of business expertise. We operate with a fully SMETA audited and ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, giving you the assurance of buying from an ethical source as well as ensuring the manufacture of high quality products.


If you are looking for safe and stylish glasses then our range will meet your requirements. Our comprehensive barware collection also includes unbreakable carafes, a pitcher and a water bottle plus a range of unbreakable ice buckets. Should you require designs that are not in our current collection then we are happy to discuss the manufacture of bespoke designs. Please ask us for further details. 

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Q: Which plastic materials are used in the manufacture of Lime Glassware?

A: Our unbreakable glasses are made from four materials: Tritan™, an Eastman Chemical Company trademarked copolyester, Polycarbonate (PC), SAN (styrene-acrylonitrile) and Acrylic


Although most of our glasses can be made in any one of the four materials there are a small number that are only available in two or three of the materials. Please click here to see the Glass Material Options table.


Q: Are Lime glasses unbreakable?

A: Glasses made from Tritan™ and polycarbonate have excellent impact resistance and are virtually unbreakable. These properties make polycarbonate the material of choice for the manufacture of bullet proof glass, riot shields and safety helmets. Glasses made from SAN and acrylic are shatterproof so remove any of the dangers caused by broken glass.


Please click here to see a summary table comparing the different properties of each of the four available materials.


Q: Do Lime glasses feel like traditional glass?

A: Tritan™ and polycarbonate feel more like traditional glass in quality. Tritan™, polycarbonate and acrylic glasses all have excellent clarity. SAN has a clarity that is marginally lower than the other three materials.


Q: Are Lime plastic glasses scratch resistant?

A: Tritan™ is the most scratch resistant. Acrylic is the next best material for scratch resistance followed by polycarbonate and then SAN which has the lowest scratch resistance of the four materials.


All four materials will scratch if abrasives are used on them. We recommend using a microfiber cloth when polishing, washing or drying the glasses. Minor scratches in acrylic can be polished out with a microfiber cloth to restore its clarity.


Q: Are Lime glasses dishwasher safe?

A: Tritan™ is dishwasher safe. Polycarbonate and SAN are top rack dishwasher safe. Acrylic glasses are hand wash only. The use of dishwasher cleaning agents and heat will quickly cause acrylic plastic glassware to develop hairline cracks and leak.


Q: Do Lime glasses contain bisphenol A?

A: Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical that is present in polycarbonate. It is not present in Tritan™, SAN or acrylic. The presence of BPA in polycarbonate, which may leach out during use, has caused health concerns to some consumers. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has acknowledged this concern and performed extensive research and reviewed hundreds of studies about BPA’s safety. They are able to reassure consumers that current approved uses of BPA in food containers and packaging are safe.


Q: Are Lime glasses suitable for all drinks?

A: Tritan™ and polycarbonate glassware will be permanently damaged by any aniseed based drinks including Pernod, Ricard, Raki and Ouzo.


Milky drinks may leave a residue in all plastic glasses if they are not rinsed first with warm soapy water before putting in the dishwasher or handwashing.


Q: Can Lime glasses be chilled in a freezer?

A: All our glasses can be chilled in the freezer. Plastic glasses have good insulation properties and so keep drinks colder (or warmer) than traditional glasses.


Q: Are Lime glasses available in different colours?

A: All our glasses can be made in opaque colours, including black and white, and clear colours.


Q: Do you offer any other barware products in addition to glasses?

A: We offer a cocktail shaker, pitcher, carafe, water bottle and a range of ice buckets in different sizes. The ice buckets are available in either polystyrene or polypropylene.




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